Heat Recovery and Ventilation Systems

A carefully planned heat recovery and ventilation system is designed to extract stale air from wet areas such as the kitchen,utility,bathroom,and toilet as well as unpleasant odours from other rooms in the most efficient manner.
Whilst doing so it also provides a controlled quantity of clean, filtered, warm air back to living areas and work places.The heat exchanger system is designed to recover an average of 70% of the heat contained in the unwanted stale extracted air whilst combining this with a fresh incoming air supply, giving substantial savings on energy costs. By mixing and controlling the recovered heat in this way,the internal atmosphere remains clean and healthy whilst the potential energy savings can be considerable.

Clean Fresh Air

The fresh air filter removes dust,pollen and other particles from the incoming air ensuring that you are provided with clean and natural environment which is free from draughts all year round.
The heat recovery unit also enables you to ventilate even when it is cold outside.This way you reduce the build up of radon gas and cooking odours which can penetrate carpets, curtains and soft furnishings. Condensation is also greatly reduced or even eliminated.

Quiet Comfort

Noise from external sources is considerably reduced as the system does not require open trickle vents or slots above windows for the supply of fresh air.

Full Control

The entire heat recovery system can be controlled by a separate electronic control unit mounted on the wall which has indicator lights for the fans,filter and heater element.


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