Central Vacuum Systems

A central vacuum system can be easily installed into a new or existing property and provides a great many major benefits over heavy portable vacuum machines. Fitted professionally or D.I.Y. it combines all the benefits of simplicity of use, low maintenance and environmental friendliness in one system. As an investment, it costs little more than a ‘top of the range’ portable, lasts a lifetime and undoubtedly enhances the value of any property.

A Central Vacuum System provides extremely efficient cleaning with all the dirt and dust deposited well away from the indoor environment via a network of concealed pipes. The dust collection bucket only requires emptying a few times every year and the whole system is virtually maintenance free.

With no bags, belts or filters to replace vacuuming will never be a chore again.

Cleaner and Healthier

With conventional portable machines a percentage of the dust and dirt picked up is redistributed back in to the atmosphere through the exhaust system. With the power unit situated away from living/working areas (garage, basement, utility) a central vacuum system completely eliminates this problem. Also, being more powerful than ordinary vacuums it picks up substantially more dirt, pollen, dust and other allergy causing irritants from deep within carpets and furnishings giving a much cleaner and healthier environment and making it ideally suited to those suffering from asthma, allergies or respiratory problems.

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