Case Studies

Auchenblae Nursery

A first for Aberdeenshire Council

When the time came to build a new stand alone nursery next to Auchenblae Primary School in Aberdeehshire, environmental sustainability was high on the agenda. Paragon Systems were contracted to supply and fit both an 8kw ground source heat pump and underfloor heating system for this project. This was in fact the very first installation of this kind to be commissioned at a council property in order to provide all the heating needs of the 210m2 (metres square) building The heat pump uses the constant ground temperature of 12 °C (degrees celcius) to provide the heating.

Outside the nursery, which provides places for 25 children, 500 metres of pipes were buried in trenches underneath the schools playing fields. Water is pumped through the pipes, picking up heat from the stored energy underground. The heat pump then extracts the ground's heat and transfers it to provide heat or hot water. Heat pumps can also remove heat from a building and deposit it into the ground to reduce the temperature during warmer weather, making them extremely versatile and energy efficient.
Additional measures incorporated into the new nursery mean there will be little or no additional running costs to the primary school's energy bill.  Continuous monitoring of the building will enable the council to measure its energy consumption and provide valuable information for future projects. The success of the project has led to others following and the technology will soon become standard where it can be applied in Aberdeenshire Council properties.

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